Gallery of Past Productions

Back Row, Left to Right: Kristi Hibschman- Miss Priggish, Debbie Culver – Detective Clothes, Ares Brinkley – Mark Centrum, Steven Rice – Rich N. Virile, Kenny Kuhlman – Mrs. Drudge, Joseph Sheppard – Mr. Roper, Sam Culver – Detective Foot, Kenn Marlowe – General Blitz, Lauri Larsen – Judge Slayer. Front Row, Let to Right: Susan Medler – Detective Hound, Ken Kasten – Dr. Nostrum, and Mellisa Rice – Peppy Sparks

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Ready to receive guests at Dunce Island
Trying not to stare at Mrs. Drudge

Looking for the missing gun, as the Pink Panther looks on.

Inspectors are trying to find out just what happened.
Not having much luck so far.

Is Mark Centrum collecting the “last hat”?

It seems that they are all friends afterall.


Cast from “Morning’s at Seven” October 2018
Back Row Left to Right: Paul Hough – David Crampton, Melissa Nisly – Arronetta Gibbs, Michael Daniels – Theodore Swanson, Kraig Kensinger – Carl Bolton. Front Row Left to Right: Patti Shockley – Esther Crampton, Nadine Civitello – Myrtle Brown, Pat Bounds – Cora Swanson, Robert M. Scoles – Homer Bolton, Glendora Davis – Ida Bolton
Carl Bolton
Esther and David Crampton
Homer Bolton and
Myrtle Brown
Esther Crampton and
Cora Swanson
Arronetta Gibbs, Theodore Swanson and family
Theodore and Cora Swanson
Ida Bolton and Esther Crampton
Cora, Theodore, Homer and Myrtle Brown
David with his
Brother-In-Law Carl
Esther, Arronetta and Ida
Homer with his Uncle Thor
Homer talking to his Mom